Apparantly no deed is too devious for the group. Two weeks ago i was assasined by a phonebomb! This is not a joke. The phone rang in my appartment at 20:42, and when i picked it up, all i heard was a whispering voice saying "droooofool, never a mindless wheel". I asked who this was and a few seconds later the bomb went off. Investigations concluded that the assassin was a chaos-hang-around, who had wired a handgranade to his phone and trigged it while talking to me. Had he been only a few kilometers closer to me it could have ment the end of my life. After i recieved psychological therapy i decided that no threat could stop me from unleashing the horrifying truth about this group. So you just keep on tying granades to your phones, because you will NEVER stop me!


I have recieved new photographic evidence of the identity of some of the groupmembers. As soon as i get this material scanned i will publish it on the "people" page!