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You probably don't know this but Chaos Creations is in fact a small BBS that is apparently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From a very humble start it has now spread it's activities to cover the most of Sjaelland, and a small swedish colony called Herfoelge.

Needless to say, the established community ought to be very concerned about this, but the group has in fact hidden it's activities so well that only a small minority of people are actually aware of the fact that this is more than a simple bbs.

Facts: The groupmembers hide under devious nicknames such as Tigeranimal, Apeman, Nobody, Grandmaster, Mailfox etc.

The group is lead by the selfnamed dictator Tigeranimal, and the latest reports indicate that the group is planning to spread it's activities to include Iceland as well, if not allready so.

Not so long ago the group grasped the infamous internet in it's merciless claws. Seeing the groupmembers on the Internet was ofcourse nothing new, but recently they established a so called mailinglist where the members could exhange and discuss information and ideas concerning not only the net but all of their widespread activities.

The apparently innocent fileexhange on the bbs seems to be covering widespread types of information. Since virtually anobdy can access the bbs it was not likely that it should fall under suspicion from the law.

Recently members of the group appeared at a large networkmeeting i Kastrup, Denmark. To manys suprise the dictator did not appear and despite all our efforts it has not been possible to map heres wereabouts during this period of time, but few believes that he spend it studying comicbooks!