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When designing webpages you often feel the need to import different images, textstyles etc.

I have found Photoshop to be an excellent choice when making texts, buttons, imagecuts etc.

That is, Photoshop + a lot of different plug-in's!

When making pictures available, it's a good idea to use thumbnails.

Here's a simple example of how to make a thumbnail using photoshop:




First you mark a selection of the image, like this:

Note the use of constrained aspect ratio, giving the selection the same height and width.


Heres the selection :

It's still a bit large (14 Kb) so well resize it to 128x128 pixels, bringing it down to about 8 kb



Heres the thumbnail in a small table with some describing text:

Miss John Doe


As long as you only need a few thumbnails on a page this could do it. This thumbnailimage would take 2-3 seconds to download with a 28k8 modem, assuming that all data is delivered correctly. Having a hundred of these would then take 3-5 minutes to download which i think is unacceptable for most people. One way of cutting downloadtime could be to decrease the image quality:


qual=0 / 6 kb

qual=1 / 6 kb

qual=2 / 7 kb

qual=3 / 7 kb

qual=4 / 8 kb


qual=5 / 8 kb

qual=6 / 9 kb

qual=7 / 10 kb

qual=8 / 12 kb

qual=9 / 15 kb


You could also decrease the imagesize:


Original: 235x235, 14 kb

128x128, 8 kb

96x96, 7 kb

80x80, 6 kb

64x64, 6kb