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April 16. 1997: Since orders have not been adequate to uphold this page, and there has been to few responses on requests for artwork (actually there hasn't been any response at all) i feel forced to offer you an alternative more avantgarde style gallery, because the voices told me that both my testicles would drop of if i didn't!

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Avantgarde Art!


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REMEMBER: You too can be included in this exclusive gallery!

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These works are by people in normal jobs except for those who does not have a normal job.

I do not by that imply that those without normal jobs are dopedealers, but merely stating that their jobs aren't normal!

Relatively speaking offcourse!

1. Jens C. Andersen


These works span in time from 1996 to about 1996 and are all the product of many minutes of intense concentration.

Apocalyptic collapse

Trancendental triskaidecaphobia Player arriving just in time to save his team from the repository of an encapsulated goat.




All the works are available as reprodoctions in the size you specify. Please send your order to:

TÝrpal's Endomogenius Institute at


Prices will vary depending on size, shape, hormone indulgence and age.

2. Someone who's job is not normal!

This work saw daylight (moonlight actually) in 1989


Dog of lust
The most important inspiration for someone called Doodle, in his attempt to fill a bowl of fish with living cucumbers!