I can't really think of any GOOD reasons.

Perhaps if i wanted to save the polkadotted zebra from extermination or stopping the meaningless dumping of politicians into our parlament, this would be a way to get my opinions through to a wide audience. Unfortunately i don't really give a fuck about the polkadotted zebra (i hate polkadots) and dumping the politicians in the parlament at least keeps them visible and somewhat avoidable.

I think this homepage has been created for some subtle reason, like God whispered to me from my lunchbox or the giant alien spider threathened me to do it or maybe i wanted to write to the world that i don't give advice about peoples haemorrhoids.

Anyway, it's here, somewhere. Philosophically speaking, it has been created and is now part of the universe so it will allways be, regardless of whether you see it or not. If you don't see it there is no reason for me to have written this, which makes me a moron, but you wouldn't know that, would you? Then again, you might know, so why did i write this....

I think i need a drink.... :-)