These are some of the groupmembers:

Please note that the shown pictures are derived from various sources, and does not allways depict the person correctly. Some have been taken with a hidden camera while others are manipulated, apperently to amuse the rest of the group.

Press the real names (in red writing) of the members to view their homepages, if existing. Do not expect the homepages to hold any vital information about the groups activities though. The pages are merely camouflage, attempting to show the members as openminded ordinary people, even though their true nature are sometimes exposed on the pages. Note for instance 'Nobodys' page. Very chaotic...


Henning Fuchs Henning Fuchs This is a reletively new member of the group.

His background includes military training, but his skills in the group are primarily his abilities to destroy any computer using it's own system commands and disabling people by an intrigate use of soundwaves.

AKA's: Haemse, Mailfox, Zyix.

Richard Chisnall Richard Chisnall This man emerged from british anti-goverment and autonomous groups..

He has been in the group for a long time and is described as a primus motor in planning and concieveing activities. He has knowledge in manipulating a broad range of massmedia.

AKA's: Nobody

Søren P. Skou Søren Peter Skou The dictator himself.

He has knowledge of many aspects of IT and especially networks which makes him a very feared ressource of the group. Mapping of his activities at alltimes are therefore mandatory.

AKA's: Tigeranimal/Tigerdyr, Xerbus

Allan Gabe Allan Gabe Not much known about his backgroud, but after a very short career he was given the title 'Chaos Creations Support Team'. Apparently he had close relations to another groupmember before enlisting, namely Nobody, who might have been the one that introduced him to the group.

AKA's: Apeman.

Mads P. J. Jensen Mads P. J. Jensen Controlling the Sweedish colony, Herfoelge ( referred to by him self as Chaos Creations Waste Land), this man certainly has power and influence. His background includes the study of history and computertechnology, and his aka indicates a very high rank, allthough he does not hold the supporttitle.

AKA's: Grandmaster/Stormester.

Jakob Zobbe Jakob Zobbe Holding the supporttitle, his connection to the group is absolute, but he might also be the link to other hidden organisations.

His rank and status in the group relates closely to the 'Skuld' he posseses, which might be a secret method to access the internet, while avoiding detection.

AKA's: Zabkjok (?)

Jens Ottosen Jens Ottosen Recent member of the group.

Appearing as a writer, he is the groups connection to the intellectual subculture, were many important contacts can be made to influential people.

AKA's: - (?)

Henrik Rathje Henrik Rathje Formerly a full member of the group, this man founded a new bbs (Force BBS) , also in Copenhagen. He is known to participate in the groups frequent orgy's and appeares thus to be full member or highranking supporter of the group

AKA's: Bigfoot 

Jonas Dabelsteen Jonas Dabelsteen Not much to be said about this one. A recent member with no apparent status, and keeping a low profile inside the group. He is however seen frequently at orgies and computerhappenings where the group participate. His main quality is his ability to virtually destroy advanced electronic equipment to scratch just by looking at it.

AKA's: Pornosmølf

Kurt Frederiksen Kurt Frederiksen The most recent member of the group (December, 1996). He is probably the oldest member of the group but somehow he still manages to uphold an insane hatred towards Microsoft and their products, in particular Windows 3.x and Windows95. Rumour has it that he has sworn to force Bill Gates to eat a Windows95 CD-ROM for every bug he finds in the operating system.

AKA's: Not yet but should be "CloseTheGate"

 As the investigation continues i expect that the list of known groupmembers will increase.

I will post the information i gather on this page the moment it is verified.

Hopefully the right people will be alerted before the group grows any further, and before they throw this part of civilisation into a true chaos!